Welcome to The Outpost — a bit outside of town, and definitely off the beaten track. For a similar perspective, check out Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row”. You remember Desolation Row — it’s just a short way down the road from The Outpost. Dylan’s Sugar Baby comes from the same place but on a cosmic plane.

The Outpost has existed in several incarnations, including a song, a radio program and now this web page. In any event, The Outpost is where we observe… “Lucifer’s motley minions, Gabriel’s holy host … Passing in parade as I look out from The Outpost.”

Used to be, I delivered these on the radio (WMBR, 88.1 FM, Cambridge/Boston and elsewhere) and then put the text here on the web. Turns out the web part is a BLOG, and everybody’s doing it.  Who knew.  Maybe I should give it up.  Sometime.

For now, this is a convenient format — for me, and hopefully for you.  You are even welcome to comment — something the old formats didn’t handle too well.

Prior to this, the last few years are online here and the oldie-but-goodie radio commentaries are here.  Amazingly, these old  ones still get a bunch of hits every week.