Yes, you heard me right – do Rush Limbaugh a favor.  And one for all the talking heads on Fox News too. (Or rather, Fox “News”).  You see, Rush and those of his ilk are entertainers, and their schtick is complaining and whining about Obama, the Democrats, liberals, women, minorities, immigrants, etc., etc.  They make a career playing “Ain’t it awful” (also known as “I’m mad as hell, and I won’t take it anymore”), and millions of people tune in to hear their act.  Remember, they are not providing actual information, and they make up whatever facts suit their current rant, but so what?  As entertainers, they shouldn’t be taken seriously or held accountable for, ah, plot lines that bear no relation to reality.

Now imagine what happens if Mitt Romney wins the election.  Immediately, and for the next four years, Rush and all the Fox flamers have lost their number one target!  And with a Republican in the White House, they won’t be able to complain much about anything the President is doing.  Without impassioned rants every day, listenership will drop, and some of them might even lose their jobs.  Believe me, they will be very unhappy.

So do Rush and Fox “News” a big favor – make sure President Obama gets reelected so that the flamers can continue to entertain with impassioned outrage for another four years.  Remember, you don’t have to actually listen. Thankfully.  And while the number may be small, by helping keep these guys employed, you’ll be helping our employment to improve over the next four years under President Obama, just as it has for the past 3.

I know I’ll be sleeping easier knowing that Rush still has a lot to rant about.