From The Outpost, a CD by Dan Murphy

Words and Music by Dan Murphy
© 1988, 2007 - Dan Murphy

Ch: Just say no, that is all you have to do.
    Just say no, when that stuff is tempting you.
    All your troubles gone away, just like a TV show,
    Ain't no problem can't be solved, if you will just say no.

1.  You know, for every hairy problem that might come along,
    There's a simple, quick solution that's just great, except it's wrong.
    When politicians start to think, the people best watch out,
    Cause simple, quick solutions are all they can think about.

2.  They said we have to just get tough, with tanks and ships and guns,
    And catch the bums that bring drugs to our shores in megatons.
    They caught some darn big fish this way, and sure it ain't no joke,
    When they caught the wood's hole ship cause a sailor had one toke.

3.  Now back there in the sixties, most folks tried a little grass.
    They knew that times were changin', uptight ways were bound to pass.
    But now here in the eighties, reefer madness is the boss,
    And if you took one toke too much, your supreme court seat is lost.

4.  Now back there in the twenties, with feathers and with tar,
    They established prohibition and closed up all the bars.
    Now you might think they'd learn from that old gangland horror show,
    That people may not change their ways when the lawmen just say no.

5.  Now if this stuff's against the law, for sure it must be wrong.
    So, I guess I must obey the law and try to get along.
    I'll set a good example for the younger folks if you
    Just pass my jug of Old Grandad and a Lucky Strike or two.

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