Granite Grass

From The Outpost, a CD by Dan Murphy

Words and Music by Dan Murphy
© 1991, 2007 - Dan Murphy

I been down to Tennessee and seen that Rocky Top
I been down to New Orleans; those blues don' ever stop,
Rode Virginia's Blue Ridge hills, through Carolina pass,
But I always come on back up north, home to Granite Grass.

Ref: Granite Grass is a happy tune a-driftin' over the hill,
    An echo on the ol' Lost River, a hush when night is still.
    Granite Grass, and pine trees wavin', the Old Man lookin down,
    Tell the folks, 'Ayup, I been theah; just might stick around'.

I done played some rock and roll, guess you know it's true;
Played and sung a country song, and sometimes I still do;
Played some of that highbrow music, and tho' it may have class,
I always come back down to earth, and play that Granite Grass

See, I come from the Granite State, I'd like for you to know,
And high up on those mountain tops, ain't too much will grow.
But fall will turn our hills to gold, as in ages past,
And any time of year at all, we're pickin' Granite Grass.

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