From The Outpost, a CD by Dan Murphy

Words and Music by Dan Murphy
© 1988, 2007 - Dan Murphy

Ch. Dan Qayle, Dan Quayle, my boy what would be your plan
    If you should wake one fateful morn as president of our land.

1.  I had a dream the other night, as through a misty vale,
    I saw a young man shaking hands,  his name, J. Danforth Quayle.
    He said I'm running for V.P., a most exciting job.
    Cause George picked me to run with him, not Jean, or Jack, or Bob.

2.  He said, I'm not as old as some, and maybe not as bright,
    But I know how to wave the flag and cater to the right.
    Why should we vote for you, I said, all set to doubt and scoff,
    He said: blue eyes, blond glossy hair, and a darn good game of golf.
3.  I said well son, I wish you luck, I hope you have a ball.
    But tell me this, what would you do, if chance the chief should fall?
    He said, I never thought of that, give me a chance to think.
    Take lots of time, I said, I hope we never reach that brink.

4.  I'm well prepared for this, you know, I've got a lot of views.
    I worked a summer, maybe two, at daddy's daily news.
    I'm really tough on defense, and apple pie, and mom.
    But I'd just as soon you didn't ask what I did in Viet Nam.

5.  When in class, you know I got grades of a gentleman,
    And I got into legal school on a minority (student) plan.
    That's great, I said, but tell me please, I'd really like to know,
    The answer to the question that I asked an hour ago.

6.  Oh, yeah, he said, the question was, as I now recall,
    What would I do as pres'dent if the real one should fall.
    Well, first I'd say a little prayer, the proper thing to do.
    I said, I ain't a prayin' man, but I think I'll say one too.

7.  Then he said I'd go to see all of the cabinet guys.
    I'd know them all by their first name, they wouldn't be surprised.
    I'd ask them if they liked their job and what we ought to do.
    I'd tell do what Poppy did, just don't try nothin' new.

8.  Then he told me once again about his resume.
    And said I'm ready for this job, just like JFK.
    Funny that you mention him, I said, that may be so,
    But if John K. were here right now, you'd be the last to know.

9.  Once again I asked the question I had asked before.
    But he said I've told you all I know, and maybe more.
    So now I sit, as time goes by, staring at the moon,
    Hoping that, from this strange dream, I will wake up soon.

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