It has been kicking around in far right-wing circles for a couple years at least — ever since Obama started to get serious consideration as a presidential candidate.  The claim — that Obama’s birth certificate is somehow suspect and that he may not qualify as a natural-born citizen — has been thoroughly debunked, yet the right-wing nuts won’t stop repeating it.  Perhaps they haven’t yet groked that he is President and has been for over 6 months.

If it were just the lunatic fringe still beating this horse, it would not be worth any attention.  Almost all responsible news organizations ignore it and give it no play.  One notable exception is Lou Dobbs on CNN. I wouldn’t have known, since I avoid Dobbs as much as possible.  I watch CNN for news quite a bit, but Dobbs is by no  means a credible news anchor or commentator, nor even an insightful interviewer like Larry King.  He is simply a windbag who fills his time with repetitious cranky rants. is now running a petition campaign to call on CNN to hold Dobbs to a standard of responsible journalism.  Check out the full story and sign the petition if you are so inclined here.